Privacy Policy

Privacy matters tend to get complicated and confusing. To make it easy for you, we tried to make the privacy policy for Heleus Core website, apps and services as simple as possible:

We do not collect nor store personal information about you.

The website does not log your IP or any other information and does not ask you for any other personal information. We do not collect anonymous statistics about your visit or app use and we don't measure the amount of visitors. And we do not include any third party assets on your website. Everything is hosted by us.

Our apps are only front-ends to the Heleus Core blockchain and therefore act exactly the same as the website and do not store your IP or any other information.

Using a service where you personal information can be recorded - like the Profile - is completely optional and not required. If you put your personal information into a service be aware that these information are stored in a public blockchain and are therefore visible to everyone.

If you are paranoid, please don't visit / contact us via social media, mail or any other way. Your data will be processed by third party companies and we don't have any influence nor clue what they do with your personal data.


The website uses Cloudflare. It acts as a two way proxy between our servers and you. It protects our servers from DDoS (Denial-of-service attack) attack and acts as a CDN (Content delivery network) for our assets. You can learn more about their privacy policy on their GPDR website.