Heleus Message

The secure text messenger.

Write instant text messages to your family, friends or colleagues for free. And all the conversations are en- and decrypted on the client devices. We have no access to your undecrypted data.

Download Heleus Message for Free


Heleus Message is available for a lot of different platforms. Depending on the platform, you can download Heleus Message directly or get it from the availble store for free.




Not available yet.



Host our Services on your own

We love open standards and interoperability. Therefore, you can run your own Heleus Service and add your custom node to our standard app. E.g. run your own Heleus Message node in your local or private network, add the node to our app and you're ready done. You can run your own service, which only known people can access. This will increase your privacy even more and you're not forced to host your data on external servers.

Strong Privacy

Privacy is our top priority.

Like all Heleus apps, Heleus Message has a strong focus on privacy. We do not share anything with third parties and unlike other messenger apps, we do not rely on your phone number. And with the open Heleus Core design, you can even run and host your own service node.


Tell us what you think. Tell us about features that you would like to see. And tell us about bugs that we should fix.

Stay Connected

Reach the important people in your life.

Heleus Message is not coupled to your smartphone, you can even use it on your Mac and Windows or Linux PC.

Open Source

Help us to make Heleus better. Write or improve our code or documentation, correct spelling errors on our website or add new features. Join us on Github.