Heleus App

Create and manage your Heleus Core account with our Heleus app.

The Heleus app is your personal control center for your Heleus Core account. Transfer coins to other accounts, authorize Heleus services and more. Download it now for free!

Download Heleus for Free


Heleus is available for a lot of different platforms. Depending on the platform, you can download Heleus directly or get it from the availble store for free.




Not available yet.



Authorize Heleus Services

Manage all your Heleus Service Accounts.

Before you can use a Heleus Service, you must authorize it with your Heleus Account. Use the Heleus App to authorize Heleus Services.


Tell us what you think. Tell us about features that you would like to see. And tell us about bugs that we should fix.


Add a personal touch to your account.

Your account consists of anonymous bits and bytes only. That's the way we wanted it to be. But if you like to share your account with the rest of the world, you can add a profile. You can customize it with your name, a photo, a short bio and links. And every other Heleus Service can use your profile too. But remember, the profile is a separate Heleus Service and completely optional. It is only part of the Heleus App for easier access.

Open Source

Help us to make Heleus better. Write or improve our code or documentation, correct spelling errors on our website or add new features. Join us on Github.