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Heleus - An open and decentralized infrastructure based on blockchain technology

It is time for a change. In the last decades, huge internet companies used closed but free systems to collect everything about you. And you payed the price for this with your privacy. Today, they know more about you than yourself and illegally sell this knowledge to the highest bidders and make billions of profit every year. This has to stop. And we will stop this. This is the reason that we created Heleus.

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How does Heleus work? #

Here's an example, how a common messenger app works: The users selects the receiver, types the message and presses send. The app sends this message with some additional data, like the receiver, to a server. The server checks and processes this data and stores it in a database. The receivers app afterwards contacts the server and asks for new messages. The server queries the database and sends it back and the app displays the message.

The communication between the app and the server is what we call a black-box or a closed system. We don't know how these two components communicate. There is usually no public documentation available and the service providers typically don't want to share this knowlege. The goal is that the users use their apps only. They want to collect sensitive data about the users and show their advertising.

In Heleus, we simply remove the "server" part. A Heleus node is basically a huge open database. Like in the example above, the app would assemble the data to a transaction, sign the transaction with the correct digital signature and send it to the database. And the receiver would query the database directly. And all the communication is based on an open protocol. Everyone can participate. No more closed systems, no more vendor lock-in.

What is the purpose of Heleus? #

In the beginning of the web, everything was build around open standards. Everyone could participate. Websites and emails, as an example, use open standards. Everyone can build a web browser or email client - just for fun or to make something better - or integrate it into other products. And there is competition: companies are fighting hard to build the best, fasted and most secure web browser.

But that changed and the web is dominated by closed system that are completely incompatible to each other, like your favorite messenger or social network. And there is a complete vendor lock-in, you can only use websites and apps that they provide. And integration into other services is impossible or highly restricted. This is not acceptable anymore. And we will change that.

If we had open standards for messengers and social networks, users and companies would again fight to build the best experience for the users. And that is the purpose of Heleus. We build an open infrastructure where everyone can participate.

Another Blockchain? Really? #

We know that the blockchain became a buzzword in the past few years and that a lot of people can't hear it anymore. But if you step back a bit, you see that the blockchain is more than just the base for crypto currencies. It's a great way to generate trust and that's what we need for Heleus. We use the concepts of digital signatures and transactions to build trustworthy and open databases.

Another advantage of the blockchain is the high degree of anonymity. You don't need a registration with an email address or something else. All you need is our Wallet App to register an account free an easy.

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Open Ecosystem

It is important for us that that both - the developers and end-users - benefit from Heleus.

We want to build a self-contained and self-sustaining software ecosystem with it’s own crypto currency. This will allow new types of apps and services with a focus on open and transparent data models and it gives our crypto currency a purpose beyond just being a crypto currency. With the blockchain as the base technology, the stored data is protected from modifications, hacks or censorship.

Open Identity

You define your identity. You decide, if you're just a bunch of anonymous bits and bytes or a real person.

We think it is important to stay anonymous, if you want. And we give you this option with Heleus. You simply register a new account with our official Wallet App and you're done. There is no need to supply an email or anything else. Afterwards, you use the Wallet App to authorize other Heleus apps and services. Your account is your identity, your secure and anonymous single sign-on. And if you don't want to stay anonymous, you can set up your own Profile.

Open Communication

The communication between you and a Heleus service is open and transparent.

We use WebSockets as the communication layer for everything. WebSockets are used for service-to-service and client-to-service communication. They are a widly adopted standard and can be used from basically any programming language and even from web browsers. The communication itself is based on different types of transactions. For identity validation, a transaction must contain a valid signature from your account or chain account.

Open Services

Heleus provides open and transparent services. We don't need proprietary services or apps anymore.

You don't like the provided app for a Heleus service? That's not a problem anymore, because you are not forced to use it. As the communication between the service and the app is open and transparent, you can submit your data to a service on your own. You only have to provide a valid transaction with the correct account signature. You can even build your own app, if you are not satisfied with the provided one, and share it with others.

Open Data

Whatever you do, you constantly create data. We need to rethink, how we handle all this data.

We distinguish between two types of data: public user-content and private user-content. We believe that the former should be available to everyone and should not be hidden in private black-boxes. The latter is usually sensitive data. It is highly encrypted and you are the only person with the key to the data. To raise the security standards, encryption and decryption is done locally only on your device and not online. There is no way anyone between can compromise this data.

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Open dApps

Write your own dApps, or as we call it, your own Heleus service.

It is up to you, what you do with your Heleus service. Store data decentralized in an open and transparent way, use your users clients for scientific computing or something we don't think about yet. It is important for us that you have full control over your Heleus service. And we don't want you to use a specific programming language or learn other obscure techniques. The communication, the service and the data are all open and transparent to you. Use it for something awesome!

Open Coin

We need a way to pay for services or transfer money in the Heleus ecosystem. In an free, easy and independent way

Yes, we want to be independent. And we want simple and fast payments. And yes, we don't want any external influence on the Heleus ecosystem. That's the reason why use the Heleus Coin as payment method. You can easily transfer coins from your account to another or receive payments - within a few seconds. And for increased security, you don't pay for Heleus services directly. Heleus services use, like it's common in app stores, in-app purchases like features, subscriptions and consumables. These service payments must be authorized through the Wallet App.

Open Development

Heleus is Open Source. The complete source code is available on Github. And if you like the idea of Heleus, help us out and join us.

We love Open Source. And we want an open and transparent development process for Heleus. We don't want to code it alone in our garages for ourself, we made Heleus for you. So help us out. Tell us, what you like. Tell us, what you don't like. And tell us what you would like to see in the future. Or get your hands dirty and help us. Write or improve our code or the documentation, correct spelling errors on our website or add new features. We would like to welcome you!

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Our Apps and Services


Our Wallet app is your Heleus control center. You manage every part of your account with it. Register or import accounts, transfer coins to other accounts or authorize Heleus services.

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Beef up your account with a profile, if you want. Set your username, a short bio, links and a photo. We integrated the profile into the Wallet App to make it easier for you to access it.

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You have probably seen checksums for file downloads before. Verify makes it easy for every to generate and verify file checksums. Verify is integrated into the Heleus Wallet App.

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Help Us! Support Us!

We need your help. Without you and your help, Heleus will fail. If you like the idea of Heleus, tell everyone you know about it. And download our apps, test our services and give us feedback. This is really important for us. And don't hesitate to support the development of Heleus. Help us to improve the website, correct spelling errors or contribute to our code base. You're always welcome. See you on Github.

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